Ophelia is "A girl who you think you know by her beautiful though and intimidating appearance, but you really do not at all."

In the classical tradition deriving from ancient Greece and Rome, beauty was perceived as the means by which the artist captured the viewer's eye. So in this collection we encourage the viewer, You, to define the beauty and the mystery for each piece.

This collection blends John William Godward's neo-classicism and my need to show the contemporary Greek woman. A woman who is not framed, in contrast she is constantly redefining her own culture. Keeping the ancient Greek shapes, this collection is full of drapes, pleated details and flowy fabrics.

As for color coordination, traditional feminine tones with a modern edge are celebrated in this collection. Classic pastels have a sweet quality with a combination of bon-bon pink, lupin lilac, powerful yellow and almond milk while filtered aqua tempers this sweetness in order to create harmony.

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