Stefania Vaidani grew up in an enviroment full of aesthetic references and a family fashion business where she learned and developed the craft of design. She exploited her creative spirit by studying fashion styling at Marangoni Fashion School in Milan. The immediacy and authenticity of the clothing execution is an integral part of the designer’s artistic framework. With styling and design studies at Istituto Marangoni in her background, Stefania Vaidani was always interested in what she calls “intellectual” dressing, long before the launch of her homonymous label in which she incorporates all her creative vision and inspiration. Born in 2015, the Stefania Vaidani collection pieces are original and sustainable, keeping the experimental element in line with comfort and attention to detail. Fine materials and craftmanship are at the heart of every piece that Stefania creates with passion and excitement; often adorned with embellishments and prints, coats and tops are presented alongside dresses, trousers and skirts, with geometrical shapes and volumes marking a particular highlight of every collection. Enhancing the personal idenity and character of the individual is always in the forefront at Stefania Vaidani, a label applied to true women of no age, free and willing to apply countless combinations and stylistic options to their looks.